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WIAW + Seriously Delish Giveaway!


Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  I’m really tired so I’m going to keep this short & sweetttt.  Or as short and sweet as possible for me!  {p.s.  if you’re here for the giveaway – see the details at the bottom or head over to this post – it closes on Sunday so tell all your friends!}

I was lucky enough to work from home again last week, but I had a super busy day so my meals were kind of sporadic and all over the place!


I woke up and wasn’t too hungry so I started work and an hour or so into it I grabbed some greek yogurt + blueberries + granola (8:46 am).  I was really forcing myself to eat it because the yogurt was a different brand than I usually have and eventually I tried just blending it all together and freezing it to make a sort of blueberry/granola froyo (9:00 am). If we’re being completely honest I hated the yogurt (it was Greek Gods and I felt like it was just too weird) and eventually just gave up on it.

WIAW 9-3

I was hungry before lunch so I munched on a handful of garlic/spinach crackers (10:34 am).  



My lunch was delish.  I made fajita nachos (12:09 pm) using crockpot chicken fajita filling {recipe coming soon} + lettuce + red onion + tortilla chips + lime juice.  oh my gawd it was good.  

WIAW 9-3 1

Afternoon Snacks

I knew I was going to go on a run after work and didn’t want to fill up on dinner before I hit the sidewalk so I grabbed a Special K chocolate chip cookie bar (5:08 pm).  I know they’re not the best for you but I had a bunch in the house and I need to start eating the stuff I have instead of buying MORE Luna bars (because I’m hoarding them and it’s an issue).



After my run, I was wiped out and needed to stop at whole foods for some stuff anyway soooo I made a detour to their hot bar & salad bar (8:01 pm).  I put a bunch of stuff in there but it was a mix of garlic broccoli + hula hula chicken + roasted garlic cloves + marinated veggies + quinoa & edamame salad.  It was delicious and I was really happy I didn’t have to cook for myself.



As far as drinks go, I guzzled down TONS of water with lemon & ended my night with a cup of refresh mint tea in a mug my best friend painted for me (8:49 pm)!

WIAW 9-3 2

Seriously Delish Giveaway!

Seriously Delish

Soooo… I don’t normally do giveaways (this one is actually the first one I’ve ever done!) but this is a special occasion.  Almost two years ago I started this blog because of Jessica.  I POURED over her blog.  I was obsessed.  I didn’t really realize that i could put personality into a food blog and she showed me that.  I felt like I knew her.  And that’s what I strive to do with you guys.  I try to put myself into every post so that you really know me.  I hope that comes through and I hope it keeps you coming back for more.  

Anyway – I knew if there was ever a time that a giveaway was appropriate it’s now, with Jessica’s book release.  Sooo I’m giving away a copy of my new FAVORITE cookbook.  {the giveaway entry form is at the bottom of this post!}  It’s not sponsored (I’m buying it off Amazon myself), it’s super easy to enter (with multiple entry possibilities), and  just an FYI I’m not getting anything for writing this, Jessica probably doesn’t even know.  I just really love the book.  I preordered my copy months ago & am trying to make my boyfriend go get me a copy signed in NY  TONIGHT!!  I love love love everything in it.  The giveaway ends on Sunday so tell all of your friends/family!  Good luck! 

Enjoy your Wednesday & thanks to the ever lovely Jenn for hosting!


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