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WIAW | Feelin Better!


 Hi kids!  It’s WIAW again. Our favorite time of the week.  Thanks, as always, to Jenn for hosting!

This is what I ate last Wednesday.  This week was a big week for me with all the celebrations and a bunch of friends’ birthdays and just. all. the. things.  I was still somewhat sick (last week I showed you what I ate on Tuesday, while I was sick), but I got a lot of my appetite back… and you’ll see that.  In the form of wanting ALL of the snacks.


| Breakfast | I graduated to eating crunchy peanut butter on a whole wheat english muffin.  I washed that down with a nice cold glass of orange juice.  Still tryin to keep my Vitamin C up! | Lunch | For lunch I roasted (read: burned) some zucchini and broccoli with garlic salt & grapeseed oil.  I had that with some of the leftover roasted chicken I had from making the soup I showed you last week.  | Snack | This is where things got out of control.  I was feeling really snacky last Wednesday.  I started off with one spoonful of triple berry ice cream (from whidbey island) – yes I am a freak of nature and will just eat one spoonful of ice cream (a pint can last for MONTHS in my house).  Then I decided I wanted two peanut butter Oreos because… do I really need to explain myself there?  Later in the afternoon I cut up an apple and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top and munched on that.  Finally, I was starving before I actually ate dinner so I let myself have a handful of saltine crackers.  | Dinner | For my dinner, I made some veggie & chicken kabobs.  I marinaded the chicken/zucchini in a little white wine and EVOO.  Popped those suckers on my grill pan with some onion and red pepper and went to town!  I ate one skewer with some steamed broccoli and a crescent roll.  nom.

Am I the only one who finds themselves going to town on all the different foods/flavors after being sick?  It’s like I want to make up for all of the foods I missed out on!  I was definitely pretty happy to be somewhat back to normal appetite.


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    1. omg. you may have just changed my life with the dipping the oreos into PB trick. literally. omg. I have NO CLUE why I can do that with ice cream Cassie! Maybe it has something to do with working at Newport creamery for like four years? I’m not sure.. but let me tell you… the same can not be said for cookies. THATS FOR SURE.

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