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What I Ate Wednesday: NY & RI


I can’t believe another week has gone by.  It’s crazy… time is flying by and the summer is practically over.  I want to curl into a ball and cry: COME BACK, I’M NOT READY FOR YOU TO LEAVE.  And that is how I feel.  Anywhoooo.  It’s another Wednesday which means it’s a Peas and Crayons linkup day!

I’m still on the road (in Utah) and I figured you were probably getting tired of the traveling editions.  So, I’m going to go a little crazy this week.  This is What I Ate When I Went to New York & Rhode Island for the Weekend (what a mouthful… pun intended):

 New York

I landed in New York late on Thursday night and Frankie’s mom had made us taco stuff.  I was too hungry to remember to snap a picture.  One thing I always HAVE to have when I’m in New York is a bagel.  Duh.  I got an everything bagel and a cinnamon apple coffee.  The cutie in the driver’s seat is my amazing boyfriend driving us to Rhode Island while I ate breakfast :)  We grabbed stuff from Lynbrook Bagels before embarking on our “road trip.”  

Lynbrook Bagels

When I was back in New York later in the weekend we got a slice of pizza and some garlic knots.  Nom nom.  It was like the universe was telling me it was IMPOSSIBLE to not get pizza when I’m in New York, we tried 3 different deli places that were all closed before settling on Sa Vino’s.  We also had a “date night” in New York, which I’ll get to later.  

New York Pizza

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Food When we finally got into Rhode Island (after a 5 hour drive that normally takes 3.5ish) my mom had a bunch of food set up for us and my friends who came to visit me.  I can’t remember what she said was on the chicken but ohmahgawd it was addicting… I’m pretty sure no one else got any… oops.

If you’re not from Rhode Island you’re probably looking at that pizza like what the hell is that?!  It’s called bakery pizza or pizza strips or party pizza.  It’s a “Rhode Island thing,” and you can find it in almost all of our bakeries.  It’s served cold and without cheese (the white one has cheese but that’s not traditional bakery pizza… still amazing though).  We always have it at parties as a picky food.  The white one had onions, peppers, and hot peppers if I remember correctly.

Rhode Island Drinks What was I drinking?  Apple ginger vodka with ginger ale. New. Favorite. Drink.  Sangria (I forgot to snap a picture… but my mom’s famous amoung my friends for her sangria).  And the best pudding shots I’ve ever had.  She put UV cake vodka in with vanilla pudding mix and cool whip and it literally tasted like cake batter… lethal cake batter. 

I also had lunch with my dad at a local Italian place.  I felt adventurous and tried some of his lobster and snail salad.  I wasn’t a fan of the snail salad, but I liked the lobster!  It was his birthday on Monday!  Happy Birthday Daddy!


We had to stop at Marylou’s to pick up a couple pounds of milky wey coffee for Frankie’s mom… I obviously needed an iced chocolate peanut butter coffee.  Duh.


 On Sunday, Frankie and I had a date night at a hibachi restaurant called Kashi… aww so cute right?  Except the fact that we were put at a table with an entire class of 8th grade girls celebrating a birthday.  We made the best of it and ordered a scorpion bowl ;)

Scorpion Bowl

I decided to continue my adventurous streak and order sushi.  We split the tuna cucumber roll and I actually liked it!


 For our meals, I ordered the chicken entree and Frankie got the steak/chicken combo.  I ate the shrimp that came with mine too!  I was on a seafood streak… I don’t know what’s happening to me!  


Anyway, I hope you liked seeing the food highlights from my trip!  And to all my friends who saw me this weekend: I LOVE YOU ALL.  Yesterday was the birthday of one of my favorite people:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL.  And tomorrow is the birthday of one of my good friends:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!  Have a nice Wednesday guys, and check me out on on InstagramTwitterPinterest, and Bloglovin oorrrrrrrrr just sign-up for email updates to keep caught up with me during the week :)


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    1. Sorry momma! I had to get them. This was on Sunday for lunch… we told you Angelina’s was closed when we left on Friday!! Love you.

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