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What I Ate Wednesday



Thanks to our handy new scheduleeeee I have a freebie day on Wednesday… anddddddd… that means I can use it for…. WIAW!  

I've missed doing them – I'm not sure if the party has missed me or if you guys have missed reading them, but I'm bringing them back for the time being!  So let's get into it!


| Breakfast | I started my day out slowwwww.  I got to work and ordered an iced blueberry cobbler coffee with cream + two sugar packets [8:14 am].  I ate breakfast SUPER late [10:26 am] – I think I've mentioned that I've had like NO appetite lately, or that I've been real weird about what I do have.  well besides just a straight up bagel or English muffin with peanut butter, the only thing that I really enjoy for breakfast is greek yogurt.  I picked some up Monday night so I could have them throughout the week but they didn't have Fage so I HAD to go with Chobani.  I tried the watermelon flavor and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't hate it.  I threw in a little KIND Cinnamon Oat Granola and called it a day.  |  Lunch | leftovers!  I'm staying with my mom while in RI this week, so I had the benefit of a homecooked meal.  I mentioned that I packed my spiralizer because I'm a seriously bizarre human – so we ended up having sausage and peppers over zucchini pasta.  That's what I packed for lunch + a couple thin slices of Italian bread [12:37 pm].  Thank goodness I packed the bread because I wasn't feeling too hot and I don't know if I could have gotten the food down without some bread to cushion it in my stomach (I know none of that is scientifically accurate, buttttt it's how I imagine it happening in my body!) oh! and I had an unsweetened apple cranberry iced tea on the side  | Pick-Me-Up| I planned on having a few pieces of watermelon as a snack and going for a walk at lunch – but it was rainy at lunch and a few hours later when a co-worker was heading to Starbucks I said I'd tag along to get fresh air.  I ended up getting a mini S'mores frap [3:13 pm] – I refrained from eating the watermelon and opted for a granola cluster right before leaving work [4:49 pm] | Dinner | I picked up my mom and she mentioned wanting Wings-to-Go for dinner.  I couldn't say no…. so I got a combo meal – 1/2 lb boneless medium wings + french fries + a piece of bread for dinner [6:15 pm] – it clearly wasn't a super healthy choice –> I probably only ate about half of it and saved the other half for lunch tomorrow.  | Dessert | I munched on a bowl of watermelon later in the night to curb my sweet tooth [8:20 pm] if I wasn't in RI this week I definitely would have had a small bowl of some watermelon ginger mint sherbet because… well, isn't it obvious?

Watermelon Sherb-4

That's it for me!  now let me know what you guys are up to in the comments and then head on over to Jenn‘s to see what everyone else in the party is up to! OH and don't forget to check back on Friday to see what's up for Date Night this week!