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Brooklyn: Two Door Tavern


edit - May 08, 2016-21

HAI HAI.  we’re gonna try something new and exciting today.  ARE YOU READY??

i’ve decided to *sort of* bring back date nights!  i know, you’ve totally missed them right?  well i’m bringing them back in Adventure Style.  what does that mean?  i’m gonna take you with me on my adventures around the city & beyond!  I’m working towards bringing my photography outside of the apartment and focusing on shooting in manual in the real world and it’s been a ton of fun!

edit - May 08, 2016-3

I figured with summer right around the corner, what better time to start highlighting my eats & activities?  my lovely friend brittany & i came up with a list of “NYC adventures” we want to accomplish this summer, we set a goal of doing something on that list at least every other weekend!  i’ll also be peppering in dates with Frankie & travels outside of the city.


edit - May 08, 2016-2

where we were Williamsburg, Brooklyn! a little place called Two Door Tavern.

when we went We headed over there for Sunday brunch on mother’s day around 2pm 🌻💃🍹

who was there only the BEST cast of characters – frankie & britt! ❤️


what we drank  I got there a little earlier than everyone else, so i ordered a bloody mary (i’m telling you, i’ve turned a corner here and it’s LIFE CHANGING).  Frankie showed up and ordered a brunch punch while we waited.  When Britt arrived we ordered… BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS! (i also had another bloody mary at the end…)

edit - May 08, 2016-13

what we ate   oh my goodness.  it was delish.  I had the chipotle chicken sandwich (sans cheese) and french fries!  Frankie had a burgerrrrr and fries.  Britt was adventurous and got breakfast!  She went with eggs & bacon & toast & homefries.

edit - May 08, 2016-16

what we thought   ohhhh boy!  Okay.  this was already one of Britt’s favorite places in Williamsburg.  Frankie had a soccer game that morning in Brooklyn so he suggested we meet up with Britt after and get brunch, this was the place she suggested.

I already told you that i got there a little earlier than everyone else, I asked if i could get a table and wait for my friends.  The hostess was super nice and told me i had to wait till they got there to get a table, but there was an open spot at the bar if i wanted to get a cocktail while i waited… which i did want… obviously.

edit - May 08, 2016-18

Britt and Frankie showed up and we were seated at a table on the upper “lofty” area.  (i asked for a seat with nice lighting and the hostess put me at the exact table i was eyeing.)

our waitress took our drink and food orders and, i swear, it took less than five minutes for the food to come out.  it might have even come out before our mimosas did.

edit - May 08, 2016-17

all-in-all the food was delicious.  my sandwich was EXACTLY what i wanted, and the fries were SO good.  I eat really slow, i like to savor my food, but britt and frankie devoured theirs!

Frankie was really into his fries and his burger looked awesome.  I’m pretty sure the homefries were the highlight of Britt’s breakfast.

But it was all really awesome and my company ended up munching on the few straggling fries on my plate… i offered them up so i can’t be mad 😉

edit - May 08, 2016-22

The bottomless mimosas were for an hour (it’s an extra $9 on top of the $16 for brunch) and we definitely optimized.  ALSO. they let us switch if we wanted, which is my FAVORITE.  by the end i was feeling like i’d had too much sugar from the orange juice and asked for another bloody mary.

In terms of service, our waitress was so sweet and very attentive with the mimosa filling with i appreciate.

edit - May 08, 2016-12

THE ATMOSPHERE.  probably my favorite part of this place.  it was calm and cool and airy inside.  There’s a ton of wood and dark browns and blacks, but skylights in the middle of the restaurant really add color and brightness to the inside.

The vibe was really cool and i could see why Britt really liked the place.


There was a cool fireplace in the loft area and a weird secret office type room behind the brick wall/windows.  i was confused by it but also really intrigued.

In one word, i’d probably call the place comforting.  I felt very at home and the food could only be described as comfort food.  I’d definitely go back.  FOR SURE.

edit - May 08, 2016-7

what we spent  brunch & mimosas came in at $75 without tip + my first bloody mary ($7) + frankie’s brunch punch ($8).  at the end it ended up being around $110 with tips! (and yes, we did pay for the food, i’m not a big shot yet – so i’m not getting comp’ed for my reviews 😉 it just means you can REALLY trust my thoughts!)

edit - May 08, 2016-4

andddd that’s all she wrote guys!  if you’ve got somewhere you think i should feature in my next NYC adventure post, please let me know.

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