[late] Monday Things



1. hi hi hiiiiiiiii.  I hope you had a fantastically wonderful thanksgiving and are now living in a tryptophane coma with dreams of turkey + cranberry + STUFFING sandwiches.  because, clearly, sandwiches that contain bread as a filling are a life rule of mine.  I won’t apologize for it.  EVER.

2. I think I might have mentioned at some point that I was spending my Thanksgiving in Victoria, B.C. and ohmygawd it is the cutest place in the whole wide world and i fell in love and almost didn’t come back (aka. deb almost left me in Canada because I take a lot of pride in being the most annoying human on the planet).  I’ll share pictures soooonnnn. 

3. Aparently my world doesn’t feel like slowing down OR even acknowledging the fact that I’m about to embark on my SECOND cross country move in the last three years, and so I’ve been in Seattle for less than 24 hours and leave for my cruise in five days and then come back to Seattle for three days before going to New York/RI for Christmas for two WEEKS.  I won’t be back in Seattle for more than a couple days until mid January.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT?  I’m definitely to blame.  I refuse to slow down and let my life settle… because I’m a psycho.

4. I’m still living in the world of all things T-Swift.  Also this dude deff stole my dance moves.  

 5. Is it completely wrong to buy the digital copy of Seriously Delish just so I can listen to the voicenotes and the playlist and just everything and because i love her so much its a problem.  yeah..

6. Um.  my friends got the CUTEST two golden retriever puppies and i fell in love and wanted to steal them and runaway with them and keep them forever.  instead I just settled for holding them while they slept and smelling their puppy breath (because it’s the most heavenly smell in the entire world). p.s. you’re welcome for the pic… everyone needs a little dose of puppy on their Monday.

7. I may have cried laughing watching this.  I’m not ashamed.

8. OH OH OH. we didn’t talk about TV last week because I was busyyyyyy.  lets chat now  | Scandal | GEEZE.  I can’t even.  WHERE IS LIV?  HOW DID THEY LET THAT HAPPEN.  also, i had NO CLUE andrew was capable of being that conniving.  like what?  I also never know how to feel about the Jake/Fitz triangle ish.  because like i love them both.  jake more because he’s so just. idk good.  which is weird since he was a super secret agent spy guy and killed tons of people.  the angst.  i can’t.  | Nashville | i knew Luke was going to be weird and i never really liked him.  hes so weird.  | HTGAWM | HOLY PLOT TWIST.  i can’t even.  I don’t even know what to say.  I was blown away.  | Mindy & New Girl | They were funny.  I just want Jess and Nick back.  Screw that really cute british guy.  Also.  I love that Rhea Perlman plays danny’s mom.  I get flashbacks to Matilda every time.

9. I did a TON of cybermonday shopping.  A TON.  also Black Friday is becoming a thing in Canada and we went shopping so I got some pretty good deals on really cute shoes. 

10. Also impulse bought a new ipad when I saw target’s black friday sale.  I’m crazy.  TO BE FAIR: I thought about buying one a few months ago and didn’t because there weren’t any good sales so when Target offered a $100 gift card I jumped on it and used my red card for 5% back.  plus my gold mini is like the cutest thing ever, therefore I’m winning.

11. This.

12.  YAY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FINALLY.  (my tree was put up last week…oops).


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