2015 Annual Report + Top 10 Recipes


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that sounds so official right? “annual report.” its really not though i promise.  i run this blog through wordpress & use jetpack for my stat analysis.  jet pack puts together a cute little annual report that you can see here.  but i wanted to share a few highlights of the year with you and snippits from the report that i appreciated knowing.  

mainly this is an appreciation/thank you post.  so thank you for your support and loyalty.

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i've loved every. single. second. of blogging this year.  i really committed to stopping with the excuses and going all-in with this little space of mine.  the blog has grown immensely and i've grown as a blogger, photographer, and writer.  it was a lot of hard work and days wondering (and explaining to others) WHY i do this.  and i think i finally have an answer i'm happy with to that question: because i want to.   

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it might sound cliche or annoying, but its the truth.  i enjoy interacting with other bloggers, readers, and friends.  i love being in my kitchen and writing down recipes that i otherwise wouldn't be able to replicate.  i love being able to look back at how i was feeling a year ago when i announced i was moving to NYC.  i love being able to see the changes i went through during my whole30 this year.  i love seeing improvements to my photography, my kitchen skills, and my own dedication.  but ultimately, it comes down to the fact that I really blog because i like to and I want to and i can.  


i've found that everything i've ever been told about blogging was true.  the more work you put in, the more you get out.  the more consistent and honest i was with the process the more it exploded (in my eyes at least).

so this year, i'm putting together a summary of accomplishments.  stats, favorites, moments that i don't want to forget about my blogging year.  we're gonna start off with the top ten recipes posted this  year!  here we go!


  1. copy cat chop't mexican goddess dressing
  2. four ingredient crockpot pulled pork
  3. breezy point chicken lentil curry
  4. summertime chicken drumsticks
  5. shredded buffalo chicken (& how to use it)
  6. mexican meatballs
  7. diy taco seasoning
  8. mocha cold brew
  9. breakfast sausage
  10. buffalo bacon burger

as an added bonus, you guys still LOVE my cake batter shots (which were posted back in 2013).  they came in at the THIRD most viewed recipe this year.  the fifth most viewed this year?  red velvet fudge pie (also a 2013 recipe).  you guys have good taste.


but um… WHY IS THE BUFFALO BACON BURGER LAST ON YOUR LIST.  how is that possible?  sigh.  well thats why i'm here to share my 5 favorite/MOST MADE recipes from this year.

  1. buffalo bacon burger – yes this takes the top on my list.  i've made them for multiple people AND had friends tell me they made them and LOVED them and frankie and i have probably eaten 20 this year… each.
  2. spicy mustard pretzel dip – frankie made this last night.  its a go-to for any party/get together i go to.  frankie's mom fell in love with it.  i've probably made it 100 times since i dreamt it up in 2012.  not exaggerating.  
  3. how i roast my chickens – when i'm in the groove of things, i roast a chicken once a week.  its a lifesaver and a total kitchen staple in my house.  every 20-something should learn how to make it.  
  4. four ingredient root beer pulled pork – frankie LOVES this.  i make a ton and freeze it so i always have some on hand.  its another staple.  
  5. the ultimate dark chocolate caramel cake – its ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.  i've made it probably five times this year alone.  my co-workers STILL tell me how much they dream about it.  

Overall, blog traffic increased by almost 500% this year, with 26,000 views.  The most views in one day were 554 on the day i posted my whole30 results.  

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Pinterest was the largest referrer of blog traffic, accounting for almost 4,000 views.  

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I posted 112 posts this year.  over half of the total posts the blog has to date (204).  i posted 49 recipes this year, and i have to admit i'm a little irked at the three weeks i missed…  better luck next year?

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my most active commenters?  the ever loyal Cassie (xoxo), dani from danicaliforniacooks, jordan from dancingfordonuts, Heidi (a new reader this year i think!), and Biz from mybizzykitchen.  thank you so much ladiez! xoxo

and finally.  thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, texted, tweeted, liked pictures on instagram, and talked to me about the blog.  knowing you enjoy this space as much as i do keeps me going.  so thank you.  

Feel free to find me on instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook, or even sign up for email updates!  I'm also sure that Frankie would love it if you followed his thepikeplacethief insta.  he's kind of funny.  And don't forget, i love your requests so let me know what i should make next!