Yesterday, i had the most magical day in central park.  My best friend, my partner in crime, the love of my life asked me to marry him.

I feel so lucky and loved and happy.

Our engagement story is pretty funny and there’s gopro footage to look through, but i couldn’t keep this secret much longer and i just HAD to share some of the gorgeous pictures that our friends took for us of the special moment.

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5 comments on “SURPRISE!”

  1. Ah!! So excited for the next chapter for you and Frankie – and yes, it’s about time! What you guys have been dating for like 7 years?! Sending huge virtual hugs your way :D

  2. Hi Ashley, I am Silvana, Auntie Jacky is my best friend. She always speaks highly of you and I want to wish you the best on this wonderful journey. The photos are beautiful!! Congratulations!

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