Sunday Sprinkles


1. I hope you’re having an amazinnngggggg Labor Day weekend. I’m currently relaxing my day away in a beach house on the Oregon Coast with a bunch of awesome friends.

2. I’m back on the sparkly nail train. I bought the Essie color A Cut Above and I’m in love. It’s on my finger nails right now. It’s supposed to be a top coat.  But I just layer on like 1000 layers (really just three) and my nails are the sparkliest.  It’s just sooooo pretty. Ugh. I die.

3.  Question.  When did America sneak into my apartment and unload ALL of their laundry in my laundry basket?  I went to do laundry earlier this week and I looked at it and was like: “this can’t all be mine.”  Also, my least favorite part about doing laundry is putting it away.  It’s the WORST.  It’s up there with unloading the dishwasher.  I don’t mind loading the dishwasher or washer, I don’t even mind folding the clothes or washing dishes by hand (truth be told I find it sort of therapeutic – analyze that one).  But I LOATHE putting dishes or laundry away.  I’m a freak.

4. My life.

5. Can we also take a second to talk about Taytay’s new song/music video?  I’m OBSESSED.  I put it on when I’m running and I literally will start dancing to it on the street or on the treadmill.  Gurlz got jamz.  I was really scared about the album now that I’ve heard its just pop.  I miss her days of country twang and Tim McGraw.  BUT if that song is any indication, I’ll be a happy girl.  And yes, I did preorder the album.  

6. P.S. I love this video of her “out-takes” in which she looks beautiful and poised and just amazing AS USUAL.

7. I’m a magazine hoarder.  Like stacks and stacks of magazines.  I want to throw them out but I haven’t read them and like.  what if there’s something i NEED in them that I don’t know about yet because I haven’t read them.  ugh.  It’s a never ending circle.  SO.  my solution is to read them.  I brought FOUR good housekeepings from 2013 with me this weekend (am I a 50 year old woman? apparently so).

8. I never want to leave the oregon coast. It’s so pretty and nice and I just want it forever please.

9. Ummmmmmm. It’s September tomorrow! Which means it’s officially acceptable for me to order a pumpkin spice latte – first thing I’m doing when I get back to seattle.

10. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Luvvvvv yews! IMG_7141.JPG

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