Sunday Sprinkles



1. Have you guys had that halo top ice cream?  have i asked you about this before?  i really want to try it but i’m worried i won’t love it.  tell me your favorite flavor!

2. i STILL haven’t gotten used to the whole “freeform” brand change… BUT i can’t wait for the christmas lineup as per usual.

3.  WAIT GUYS!  I PASSED MY TEST!!! i can’t believe i didn’t lead with that.  but i’m SO happy!  thank you for bearing with me through my crazy time.  i have some SUPER exciting things coming your way as a thank you!

4. i’m super excited to try out this pour over coffee method!

5. i saw a super pretty cupcake bouquet on facebook earlier and it was amazinggggggg. i want one.

6. frankie and i had a race today and now my hip is acting up like no other.  ughhhh plus i’m SO exhausted.  i’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

7. TV. YAASSSS. so we’ve started watching the office and i’m restarting gilmore girls to prep for the netflix revival.  We finished parks and rec last weekend (i think i said that already) and we’re in the third season of homeland!

8. after i took my test, i was able to read a BOOK for FUN for the first time in months.  i’m running through the girl on the train like no other.  i love it!  what are you guys reading?

9. ummmm i have a REALLY exciting announcement to make tomorrow… so stay tuned for that!

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