Sunday Sprinkles



1. i lit my first fall candle of the season this afternoon… and the happiness it brought me was borderline disgusting. i love myself and i hate myself.

2. i'm getting sick guys.  its so sad.  all i want to do is eat soup and drink tea.  is that an issue? probably.  my favorite take out wonton soup is getting old – can someone PLEASE send me stellar soup recipes for when i get home next weekend?

3. have you guys been missing my meal plan posts?  i haven't gotten over them, i just haven't been home long enough to meal plan lately.  and work has me traveling for like the next two months solid.  so i wouldn't expect them anytime soon.  BUT the second i have the ability to meal plan i'm tackling the task.

4. road trip?

5. i'm OBSESSED with my bullet journal style of planning.  its so therapeutic and i really love the system.  are you interested at all?

6. alright everyone i'm interested in what you've got going on for suitcases – TELL ME WHAT YOU USE.  i need a new one so i'm starting the research early.  i think i want a hardshell one, thoughts?

7. GUYS I FINISHED PSYCH!  today.  it was an endeavor.  pretty much the only thing i've been watching for the last month (since i knew it was going off netflix on october 1).  now we're obsessing over homeland.  (we're still in the first season and loving it – i watch it on hulu – the episodes are free with the standard subscription right now!)

8.  i've started planning for…. the marathon next year.  isn't that crazy?  i haven't been “running” for months now and i miss the sanity it brought me so i knew i needed to make a “plan” and i did that today.  it feels good.  i'm really excited to get to work.

9. i LOVE my dagne dover bag.  like LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  a. lot.  best investment i've made in a really long time.