Sunday Sprinkles



1. ummmm i'm bullet journaling. which is funnnnnnnn and different.  and i love it.  (it's basically a whole new world for my planning style and i'm getting used to it). do you want to know more? what are your thoughts?  when i nail down a spread do you want to see?  TELL ME.

2. frankie and i ran the Harlem 5K with NYRR yesterday and omg it was one of the best races in terms of people cheering you on.  it was really uplifting and i loved it.

3. i keep seeing all these people at country concerts/fests and i'm SOOO jealous.  all i want to do is drink beer and listen to music.  is that too much to ask?

4. i bought a new camera today.  i have MAJOR issues.  heres the thing.  i've heard GREAT things about it and i've been looking for a camera i can take around with me that's not giant and annoying (which i often feel my nikon is).  plus it's mirrorless which i've been wanting and like I JUST NEEDED IT OKAY?

5. can we all agree the ultimate life goal is to eventually have a lake house and a dog and a dock and three kids and a wine cellar and a boat?  or is that just me?  i don't know if its just because its summer and i want to vacation to a lake house but all i can think about is living in a quiet recluse. ughhhhh.

6. i'm still debating a copper vitamix because, again, i have MAJOR issues. ughhh.

7. hAIIII we finished game of thrones!  Sansa is my favorite human.  well besides arya.  love her so so much.  what else.  oh i've been watching my big fat fabulous life.  crushed the first two seasons this week.  ummmm.  on netflix i watched Ali Wongs baby cobra which was hilarious.  i was DYING.

8. do any of you use shakeology?  i got a few packets from one of my coworkers to try because she had a ton of extra and i want to know a good shake recipe to use.  PUHLEASE?  ill share my thoughts if you share your fave ways to have it.

9. i can't wait for a long weekend next weekend!! its so exciting.  i have visitors coming and a wedding and a cookout and all the fun things planned.  YAY.  what're you doing?

10. P.S. how sweet is jennifer from wanderlust & wellness?  she's featured me in three roundups this month and its SO SWEET.  xoxo definitely check out this labor day one and share it around to your peeps 😍