Sunday Sprinkles



1. my heart goes out to all those impacted by the shooting in orlando this morning.  you’re in my thoughts. ❤️

2. in lighter news – is anyone watching the Copa games?  how crazy was the colombia vs. costa rica game last night?!  Frankie’s mad that the US won the group because he was hoping to go to see them play at metlife.  womp womp.

3. i think i’ve talked about my love for the follow me to series  before, here are some behind the scenes shots.

4. i’m making a quick (two-day) trip to DC this week and i don’t know how to pack for literally one day… its super weird i feel.

5. i can’t deal with how pretty these are.  UGH.

6. alllll my friends are getting puppies or babies.  i want both but i’m not ready for either.  SIGH.  also, i struggle with whether i’m really willing to ever have a dog in the city.  i grew up with a huge yard where our dogs were allowed to run rampant whenever they wanted.  i’ve never had to “walk” our dogs.  but i find the idea of having a running buddy SO appealing.  wahhhh.  also – my apartment doesn’t allow pets… so there’s that.

7. TV.  i’m still watching a ton of sister wives and bones!  and loving it.  ALSO.  we’re two episodes away from finishing body of proof and that makes frankie VERY happy, he loves finishing a series.

8. this made my week.

9.  i’m struggling with the lighting this summer.  our apartment gets a lot of “dull” light.  i can’t seem to find any time of day where i get flooded with light that makes it worthwhile to shoot content in. its INCREDIBLY frustrating because i’d much rather shoot in natural light but i’ve become accustomed to the reliability of my artificial lighting!

10. i’m caught in a conumdrum right now between which salad was better: the chop’t salad i had for lunch on friday or the broccoli ramen salad i made and ate on repeat last week.  😍😍


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