Sunday Sprinkles


  1. I BOUGHT THE ROSE GOLD COMPUTER.  damn.  i literally couldn’t stop myself.  oy.  now i have to wait TWO weeks.  kill me now ?
  2. HEY. do you see that cute little click-able graphic in my side bar (diagonal from this number, under the instagram feed) the one that says “click here,” you should totally click there and check out the work i did today in organizing all my whole30 posts/information into one place for all you may whole30-ers (good luck!).  i’d LOVE to know your thoughts
  3. i SMACKED my head against a sharp corner of a coffee table last night because i was laughing so hard at frankie’s brother.  i have an egg on my head and everything.
  4. frankie won’t get off my case about making him pina coladas right now.  oh oh oh – side note – we stopped in a liquor store yesterday after the NYCFC game and there was a dude giving free samples of coconut rum.  it was heaven
  5. it’s day 7 of the bikini series and my body is NOT amused… can’t wait for day 8.
  6. this is life – diagonal cuts are necessary on sandwiches.
  7. TV. I FINISHED FRIENDS.  i was up until 2:30am last night watching.  i even stayed up later than frankie.  yeah.  now i have like nothing to watch… quantico i’m love love loving it! but that episode really made me hate caleb’s dad even more.  oh and i KNEW shelby was not evil… or at least i’m hoping still.  scandal i hate hollis doyle. i think that might be all i have to say on that one.  also, abby needs to check herself.  i’m over her.
  8. this literal box of pizza.  i can’t.
  9. i’m also obsessed with all things royal right now.
  10. this is how i feel every day i go to workout.

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