Sunday Sprinkles


 1. UM. HELLO. WHAT EVEN IS LIFE?  we all know where my easter basket peeps are going…

2. I'm starting the k2movement tomorrow… um SCARY.  I made it through the 4 weeks of “pre-training” and wanted to die soooo the actual guides will go well I'm sure.  

3. This is actually my life.  especially number 5… every. damn. day.

4. FRANKIE IS FINALLY MOVED IN…. and by that I mean his crap is all over the place (BUT ITS ALL HERE!!!).  

5. This nailed my sense of humor on the head.

6. I think i might just not be able to hang any more… I legit fall asleep before midnight on weekends.  I can't stay up.  it's just too hard.  am I a grandma?  I don't understand.  Frankie's brother and sister spent the night at the apartment on Saturday and we were playing games and then decided to watch a movie at 12 and they were like what do you want to watch and I had to be like “honestly guys, don't ask me I'm just going to fall asleep and not pay attention anyway.”  what?  why?  WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME.

7. I did some catching up!  Not all the shows, but i'm up to date on my two favorites: | Scandal | HOOOKAY. I KNEW I could count on Jake not to have turned into a bad guy.  I JUST KNEW IT.  and WHAT THE HELL OLIVIA AND YOUR RING.  when did we decide you love fitz again??? WHEN??? and I just knew sleeping with that dude was going to get you in trouble.  honestly… what were you thinking?  ugh.  | Secrets and Lies | this is still a top contender in my book.  I feel like I've been watching FOREVER.  frankie threw out a new theory when we were catching up today: maybe it's the “client” that the wife keeps having meetings with.  I can get on board with that.  I could see it for sure.  but i still think the youngest daughter knows something crucial… but i could be completely off base here.  ALSO. THE REPORTER DUDE IS GOING AFTER CORNELL?  WHAT?!

8. Frankie is in HEAVEN playing Fifa while I write this post… naturally.  instead of unpacking…

9. did you guys play any april fools' jokes?? I need to know.  My mom put nutella on the toilet seat at our best friends' house.  it was epic.  

10. It's also FINALLY ICED COFFEE SEASON.  I've been getting rocky road iced coffee with cream and no sugar.  it totally reminds me of Mary Lou's. nom.        Insty | Twittah | Lovingzeblogs | Pinnypins