Sunday Sprinkles


Sunday Sprinkles

  1. ITS RACE DAY AND IM PETRIFIED.  seriously.  in an hour ill be taking off to run my first half marathon and i think i’m going to cry.  i’ll be posting on wednesday with my last training recap & details on the race, but if you’re looking for how i’m doing/dealing you can always check out my fitness insta @ashtonesup.
  2. for all my perfectionist friends out there.
  3. my momma came down to watch me run my race and we’ve been having the best weekend.  it’s been super fun/nice.  after the race is over we’re heading to boozy brunch ?
  4. um, i like bloody mary’s now??? WHO KNEW? i think i mentioned this last week? but since then i’ve had 2 or 3 that i ORDERED ON MY OWN LIKE A WEIRDO.  what is happening???
  5. i love love love this
  6. Has anyone used classpass?  what do you think? do you like it? is it worth it?  I HAVE TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS.
  7. brooklyn99 is still hilarious as always.  um quantico – SHELBY NOOOOOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING.  ugh.  i have to know all the things, is she being blackmailed or is she just cold hearted? i love her, i hope shes being blackmailed. ugh. scandal – i’m not up to date… as my boyfriend SO LOVINGLY COMPLAINS.
  8. is anyone else considering doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series?  I’m doing it!  We should do it together and be accountabilibuddies!
  9. JON SNOW STOPPPPPP. too many feels.  TOO MANY.

Sunday Sprinkles 2

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  1. I hope you rocked your race! And meet too on the Bloody’s….they are PERFECT for boozy brunch, so I am glad I discovered. Next time you are home…Blackie’s near Bryant does an AMAZING Sunday brunch (every weekend,) and they have a “pimp your own Mary,” that I think you would like. I got pickles, blue cheese stuffed olives, and a veggie cream cheese stuffed everything bagel hole (yup-think savory munchkin) and it was LIFE CHANGING. Can’t wait for the recap! xo Congrats!

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