Sunday Sprinkles



  1. you know whats not cool guys?  getting sick on day 4 of your second whole30 attempt this month.  guess who that happened to… if you guessed me then you’re incredibly intuitive and correct.  i’ve resigned to the fact that a full on whole30 right now isn’t in the cards for me.  I’ve got a ton on my plate right now and i’m going to take the advice my body is trying to shove down my throat and let up a little.  relax.  take it slow.  I’m still trying to eat whole30 for the most part right now, but i’m not putting pressure on myself.  end rant.
  2. i loveeeed evolution fresh when i lived in Seattle and i’ve been going to starbucks to grab some of their defense up juice.  so good.  speaking of starbucks, i went this morning and bought a bottle of toffee nut syrup because i’m obsessed and tired of spending an extra fifty cents every time i want some in my life.
  3. i saw a tabloid the other day that said miley and liam got married… i didn’t even know they were back together.  am i old now?
  4. getting sick has really irritated me because it’s impacting my half marathon training plan.  WAHHHH. <- who even am i?
  5. BIG ANGGGGGGGG noooooooooooooo.  i’m so sad over the loss of her.
  6. im into the non egg options here
  7. TV. | scandal | um i’m LOVING this whole team Liv & Mellie thing.  i’m SO into it it hurts.  i think i’ve just secretly hated fitz this whole time and think he’s a baby.  also, i still love Jake to the moon and back.  ughhhh.  | HTGAWM | what the heck analise. i’m like over you.  why are you being so mean to wes.  what the heck did you do to make his mom commit suicide.  what the heck happened to your baby.  i keep going back and forth between feeling sorry for you and hating your guts.  i can’t take this.
  8. HEY HEY HEY.  i have a new email. it’s so legit.  if you ever need to reach me for blog related questions/comments/needs, hit me up at ashley@thepikeplacekitchen.com <- so legit!  
  9. does anyone listen to serial? i’m thinking about downloading it to listen to during my runs after i finish the audiobook i’m on now.  let me know your thoughts!!
  10. awww how cute are frankie and i in the picture below?  i ran six miles today and he met up with me and walked back to our house with me HOLDING HANDS like sixth graders.  swoon. 


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