Sunday Sprinkles



  1. HI HI HI. how were your holidays??  what did you do?  who did you see?  most importantly, what did you eat??
  2. but also, what gifts did you get/give?? i got a really cool waterbottle from frankie and i'm OBSESSED with writing on it with a chalk ink pen.  obsessed.  i also got a spice organizer from my mom and i CAN NOT WAIT to attack my cabinets.
  3. but i do have to say… this holiday season didn't feel like it at ALL.  i don't know if its because of the weird weather or if its because i was just SO busy or what.  but it didn't feel like christmas for me at all.
  4. also, i'm just slightly (aka – ridiculously) excited to continue on with my everyday life.  the holidays are just so busy and i'm OVER it.  i'm ready to clean my house and meal prep on sundays and eat… steamed broccoli.  because those are the types of things i get excited for as an adult.
  5. have you decided what your new years resolutions are this year?? i haven't officially declared mine yet, but i can't believe its almost been a full year since i've had a soda.  CRAZY.  also, this week would you rather have a new year's appetizer or a new years party drink?  what's your preference?  tellllll me.  
  6. these videos are KILLING ME.  i can't take it.
  7. was there even TV outside of holiday movies this past week?
  8. okay serious question.  i've been thinking about changing up these sunday posts.  they'd still include the random musings i always give, but i'm toying around with including my weekly meal plan (what i plan on making) and my workout schedule.  are you interested in that at all?
  9. GAH. its like crazy to me that new years is only a few days away.  WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??  But really, tell me what I can't post that'll help you out this year!!