Sunday Sprinkles


  1. ummmm. today was my 10K!  it went really well, i finished the race in 1:04:52 for an average pace of about ten minutes thirty seconds!  i’m super proud of myself, i made it 4.3 miles without stopping which is better than what i did in any of my practice rounds it did start raining during the race and it was pretty darn cold and now that minor cold i’ve been pushing off for weeks is ready to rear its head…i just know it.  guess i’ll be making chicken soup tomorrow…
  2. um also, i hit 100 miles on charity miles!  that means i’ve raised $25 dollars for charity just by running/walking!  don’t forget to sign up and join my team – #thepikeplacekitchen
  3. the beanie baby costume though.  dying.
  4. I ate SO MUCH good food this week – i’ve had visitors since Wednesday and we went to all the places and ate all the foods.  including…. a ramen burger.  DID I DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN?  I MUST HAVE BECAUSE WHERE ELSE WOULD SUCH A THING EXIST?
  5. today was the last NYCFC game of the season!  its kind of sad to think i won’t be going ever other week for the next few months… we totally signed up for season tickets again next year so don’t fret.
  6.  this is my life right now.
  7. TV. | Quantico |still really love this show… but i sort of felt like this week’s episode didn’t move as fast – there weren’t as many twists and turns i thought. | Scandal | dare i say i was actually sort of into it this week?  its honestly probably just because i watched two episodes. but i’m DYING to see where they go with Jakes storyline.  | HTGAWM | SUCH A GOOD EP.  i still stand by this one as my fall fave.  | scream queens | WHO WOULD SAM HAVE KNOWNNNN IT WAS?  i tried to think about it and i really think the only logical answer is Gigi.  because Sam didn’t really have much interaction with anyone else that wasn’t with the rest of the group.  idk i just cant figure it out but i love it.
  8. so now that my 10k is over… what am i going to do for workouts?  I’m debating between giving the Kayla Itsines guides a second try or just following the tone it up weekly workouts.  sooo many choices. thoughts?
  9. i really can’t wait to go to sleep tonight.  i’m hoping that i won’t feel like crap when i wake up… cross your fingers?  


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    1. xoxo thanks love :) miss youuuu – make a trip to NYC and i’ll come for a weekend to DC so we can actually spend time together!

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