Sunday Sprinkles



1. I’m LOVING my new Essie color.  I painted my nails yesterday.  It’s buy me a cameo. 

2. I’m SO sad that I’m not home for Scituate Art Festival.  I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve gone and this year my mom lives right in the center of it so I wouldn’t even need to deal with parking or traffic and like omg why am I 2500 miles away from that?

3. I met my favorite blogger this week!  You know her because I pretty much talk about her in every post and Frankie got me a signed copy of her book for our anniversary and I gave one away a few weeks ago.  She was just as cool in person as she is on her blog.  Swoon.

4. I bought new throw pillows for my couch and a new candle holder and some decorative sparkly pinecones and i realized that i was just like having a weird interior design day.  My living room is totally different now (not really, but it FEELS different).  

5. I LOVE the song Riptide from Vance Joy (I was listening to it on repeat for like weeks) & this T Swift version.  Omg.  

6. Is number 14 the reason I continue to buy new kitchen equipment?  ITS ALL MAKING SENSE NOW… except the ice cream maker.  that doesn’t make sense.

7. There is construction that’s happening across the street from my apartment and it’s the most annoying thing to ever happen.  HI CONSTRUCTION MEN I DON’T NEED A SIX AM WAKE UP CALL BUT THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING IT ANYWAY.

8. But really.

9. | Scandal | I just don’t even know with Quinn – or Robin?  Is Robin back?  I can’t tell.  What about Huck.  WHAT IS GOING ON.  And MELLIE – all the feels gurl.  Liv & Jake – you idiots just need to like put a ring on it or something so Jake stops being insecure.  Liv’s not going to go back to the President because I said so and like my heart can’t take another season of ARE THEY TOGETHER FOR REALZ again.  | Nashville | WAHHHh.  Julietteeeeee.  The craziness that is her life is killing me.  Rayna – just go get back together with Deacon so everyone can be happy… we all know you’re endgame.  TEDDY made me so sad when he didn’t even know how to flirt anymore.  poor thing.  Also.  I’m on the Gunnar and Scarlett train still (obvi) so I’m like over all the other girls in his life.  | HTGAWM | It’s honestly no competition that this is the breakout show of the season for me.  I’m like SO into it.  I want to know everything.  It’s like a really dramatic and flashback-filled game of clue.  I feel like they’re totally framing Sam to make it seem like he did it when he didn’t.  I don’t like Sam, but I really think that’s way to easy of a scapegoat character.  Rebecca is the girl I’ve got my eyes on.  I feel like she’s some sort of evil mastermind.  SOMETHINGS up with that girl.  | New Girl & Mindy |  Honestly?  didn’t have that much to say about them.  not too impressed.    

10. If you’re reading this blog because we went to Scituate together, you should really think about donating to this year’s flag football tournament in honor of my Uncle Craig.  Let me know if you’re interested and didn’t see anything on Facebook and I’ll put you in contact with the guys running it.  

11. Now go make some pumpkin bread.  because yum. IMG_8112.JPG

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