Sunday Sprinkles


1. um. UM!  i spent LITERALLY all day in my kitchen preparing for the Whole30 frankie and I are starting tomorrow.  i’m scared, but excited?  is this normal?  wahhh.  i’m excited but definitely scared. 

2. speaking of the Whole30 ^ are you guys interested?  do you want to know what i’m eating?  I have a couple recipes that i’m going to post over the next few weeks, but after that i’ll have to post stuff that’s Whole30 compliant.  so like do you want to know about the experience?  the results?  why i’m doing it?  are you interested at all?  lemme know.  

3. I BROKE MY MINI FOOD PROCESSOR. ugh. i loved that thing.  i literally used it all the time and DROPPED IT and it cracked.  ugh.  luckily my ninja kitchen system has a mini bowl that isn’t as aggressive as the full one.  i’m planning on just using that now, i don’t think i’ll be buying another one, the only reason i would want one is for convenience.  we shall see.

4. Frankie and I are FINALLY watching insurgent right now.  It’s good so far, i still wish i had read the book first, but i think frankie would have thrown a fit if i tried to make him wait any longer… and i’ve been saying i want to read it for oh YEARS now so i decided to give in.

5. these were lovely to read.

6. frankie’s renewed my love for sporcle and quizzes.  did you guys ever do them?  i used to play a while ago – i think in college? so much fun!

7. I’m still watching Bones like crazy.  and i’m watching lie to me and still loving that.  I didn’t realize the Murder in the First wasn’t on Hulu yet, i wish i had known because now all the episodes aren’t available on demand.  

8. i think it’s funny that when they take the makeup off the princesses, they magically lose THEIR EYELASHES COMPLETELY.

9. this is also funny because its true.  especially #1. 


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2 comments on “Sunday Sprinkles”

  1. I, for one, want to know EVERY little detail about Whole30. I’ve kind of done a semi round about Whole30, but not serious about it. I’d love to know recipes anything you can tell me. Feel free to email me direct with anything I’m dying to know about. Thanks.

  2. I definitely want to know about your Whole30 experience! I have been thinking about trying it for some time now, but only know one friend who has done it, so I have been hesitant. I would especially like to know how it was going out to eat, if you got food-bored, etc. Can’t wait!

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