Sunday Sprinkles


  1. UM. if you follow thepikeplacekitchen on instagram, you’ll know that I just got home from a magical, MAGICAL place: Smorgasburg. I might write up a whole post on it? WHAT DO YOU THINK? do you want to know about nutella ice cream sandwiches and schnitzle and thingsssss??? maybe i’ll do a WIAW this week and detail it! yum. (but you can check out a sneak peak on insta don’t forget!

2. YASSSS. I’m swooning over #2 for sure.

3. Frankie and I really got our butts in gear this weekend! normally i’m all like: let’s loungeeee around and do nothing. but this weekend! (okay i sort of died on Friday after taking Frankie’s cousin Jess to Nocheee and drinking like 5 different types of alcohol… BUT) i was able to rally it up and we went to see trainwreck (good, but DEFF expected it to be funnier) and then got sushi from a new [to frankie] place! i’m so strange sushi is like my new hangover food – to be fair it’s accompanied by like gyoza and scallion pancakes and edamame and then cucumber and chicken tempura rolls, so is it really weird? Saturday we did one of the Stray Boots tours Frankie’s mom got me for Christmas and it was super fun ^ see us getting “fierce” with one of the New York Public Library’s lions! do you want to know about this? is this something you’re interested in? tellll me! and then todayyyy we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade down to Pier 5 for lunch at Smorgasburg. So fun!

4. I’m going to DC next week and then when I get back Frankie and I are starting the Whole30… oyy. i’m scared but excited and like if any of you have ever done one I’d appreciate ANY advice I can get. and recipes. i’d LOVE recipes. specifically breakfast… i hate eggs. WAH.

5. Also, if you guys have done any of these and think they’re definitely MUST DOs lemme know!  I’m trying to put together a list of stuff for frankie and I to do when we have no plans.  OH and i’m putting together a list for future date night spots!  any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated!

6. i haven’t read Mindy’s book, but the following quote really made me want to read it!  “Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled. Listen to no one except the two smartest and kindest adults you know, and that doesn’t always mean your parents. If you do that, you will be fine.”

7. | Bones | I’m in the middle of a marathon!  I’m about halfway through Season 6 and making progress toward season 7.  | Sense8 | Still loving it!  we watch it when we can and I’m really liking how they string it all together.  | Fall Shows| EVERYTHING IS COMING BACK SOON!  I can’t wait for HTGAWM and Scandal and all my other faves.  What are you guys excited to watch?

8. i’m going to the beach next weekend I think!  I hope this helps with my feeling of not wanting summer to end.  i’m pretty excited about it.

9. i laughed for a good five minutes at this video.  reminds me of me and my best friends.   IMG_3627.JPG

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  1. I feel the same about Trainwreck. I feel like Amy Schumer is my spirit animal, yet I found her to be pretty whiny and irritating toward the end lol.

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