Sunday Sprinkles


  1. you knowwww I’ve been in RI all week, but this weekend was SOOO nice having not really much to do except hang out with my boy-thanggg. he’s cool.  I like him.  I like lazy weekends with him.  we’ve been going NONSTOP for the past few weeks so it was really nice to just chill out and not be hosting anyone for a weekend. (read: watch Netflix on the couch and yell at each other about what show to watch)

2. I was craving sushi…. ALLLLLL freaking week.  like HAD TO HAVE IT.  <- I love, love, love Asian food (it’s my vice) but I HAD Asian food for lunch on Tuesday so I can’t explain this.  like at all.  all I know is I had to have it. so I got it.  from here. in RI.  I couldn’t even wait for date night.  SO PATHETIC.

3. I bought a new lens!!! on prime day!!! (not on a prime day sale. just on prime day, so really that was unrelated.)  was anyone else underwhelmed by prime day?  “better than black Friday” <- oHKAY amazon, if you say so (cue: eye-roll)

4. Frankie wants me to… “run” … with him.  is he insane?  not that I don’t love “running” … I do.  I just haven’t in, oh idk, FOREVER.  I’ve been focusing on the kayla itsines workouts (which I can’t even commit to consistently) so “running” has taken a back burner.  I keep putting “running” in quotation marks because really it’s more like SPRINTTTTTTTTTT for three minutes and then walk for five.  I’m SOOOO bad at pacing.  but I’d rather watch hell freeze over THIRTY times then let him see me “run.”  yeah.

5. my friend, britt, wanted me to share this trick with you all (I’m sure I read it from a buzzfeed article or on pinterest or something): when you buy warm beer from the store (because um, who do they think they are selling ciders only warm -> I’m looking at YOU c-town), just wet a paper towel + wrap it around the bottle + put it in the freezer for 15 minutes!  boom, it’s cold.  tried and true my friends, tried and true.  

6. um, this.

7. gahhh. still not majorly into anything that’s currently airing.  watching bones and lie to me like crazy.  what’re you guys obsessed with right now?  I clearly need something new.

8. i have some HUGE changes coming to the blog over the next couple weeks and i’m SO excited to share them!!!

9. was ANYONE else as obsessed with all the Pluto stuff going on?  i couldn’t leave it alone… i wanted ALL the pics!  

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    1. i know right!!! the cold beer trick was so clutch! ughhh let me know what sushi you end up getting (or don’t because i’ll just get jealous and crave it again…)

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