Sunday Sprinkles


  1. USA!!! I'm so proud of our ladies, especially for that stellar performance today!  Did you guys watch?  are you into soccer? what's your favorite sport?

2. my best friend visited Frankie and I in new york this weekend and it was so fun.  We hung out and drank too much and had a blast – however I could have used this info this morning.

3. I just wanna live on my couch for the next few weeks, but I'm heading to Rhode Island tomorrow.  It'll be really nice to see my mom and family and everything, but I wish I could have short break from work where i do nothing and just hang out… sort of like an extended weekend?  i think this desire means I can't possibly be a real adult yet.

4. I got a splinter in my hand at farmborough and i got most of it out but i'm missing this ONE little broken off piece.  do you have any tips on how to get it out? wahh. did i mention i'm a huge baby?

5. OH OH.  I haven't told you guys.  (or maybe I have and I forgot) I have a new favorite yogurt – Fage.  it surpassed chobani for me.  it's the second best I've been able to find to Ellenos in Seattle.  

6. i want to be a DIY queen.  is that too much to ask? i think not.

7. we still aren't into anything that is currently airing.  WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?  i'm still obsessed with Lie to Me – we watch that pretty much every day.  I'm still watching  Bones  like crazy.  but nothing that is actually airing right now has caught my eye.  am i missing something obvious?

8. i literally packed my spiralizer in my suitcase for my trip home.  is that excessive?  am i being ridiculous?

9. we're watching the proposal right now and I always forget how much i love this movie.  I pretty much die laughing through the whole thing.

10. Garlic Confit is on my list of things i NEED to learn how to use/make.  I also want this, NOW.  

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