Sunday Sprinkles


1. Haiiiiiii.  so the pike place kitchen got its own instagram yesterday!  you should definitely go follow it… if you want to… i won’t make you…. please?  i’m really just devoting more of that space to food.  i’m contemplating using it as a workout accountability account too (for like tiu and kayla workouts and stuff – but we’ll see).  

2. Frankie and I saw Pitch Perfect 2 on Thursday!  I thought the first one was better than the second – frankie just got really upset thinking i was going to be “fresh” – he’s apparently “watching me” … soooo we’re just going to move on.  it was funny, just not as amazing as the first one (IN MY OPINION FRANKIE GEESH).

3. Tomorrow I’m traveling for the first time in like a month and I just don’t want to GOOOOO.  The apartment is pretty much put together and I love being here.  WAH.  maybe I should do a new york update this week and let you know all about that stuff?

4. All these graduation posts on Facebook are KILLING me!  I feel so old.  it’s crazy to think that I graduated three years ago.  so insane.  

5. This is so inspiring!  Definitely a nice, positive thought to start my week off right.

6. OH OH OH.  frankie and I also saw the avengers today and I thought it was great.  I can’t wait for antman and the fantastic four.  we had been waiting to see the avengers because we wanted to go crazy and have a full marathon of marvel movies…. it’s super hard to find a place to watch them all/would have cost an arm and a leg to buy them all or even rent them soooo we decided to just bite the bullet and see it.  

7.  Secrets and Lies | I WAS RIGHTTTTT. I knew it all along.  sorry. damn that was supposed to be more subtle.  GAH. but like. i CAN NOT WAIT for the next season.  | Scandal | i literally can’t even look at you Olivia.  and like wtf Fitz?! don’t you think it’s just a LITTLE hypocritical that you freaked out on mellie… i mean i don’t remember you telling her about Remington.  she got PLAYED by a master.  how was she supposed to know?  ugh.  whatever fitz you sit on your high horse and do whatever you want.  blah.  | Murder in the First | um, frankie and I binged this one over the past two weeks or so – can i say i’m excited for the next season to start in June?  i was really convinced eric didn’t do it until he said he did.  i think the thing i can’t figure out about that show is: why do i even like it?  i actually HATE the detectives.  i feel like they treat other people like crap.  like eric’s grandparents – i felt like they bullied them.  idk i just feel like they could benefit from a dose of MANNERS.  wah.  

8. i threw together a roasted chicken for frankie for this week (because i’ll be gone and what’s a boy to eat?!) and now i’m really jealous.  i want to eat it all myself…. it’s just SO GOOD.  i’m posting the way I normally do it later this week so be on the lookout! (also i think i’m just having anxiety about leaving my spiralizer behind.  I LOVE ITTTTTT and want to take it with me always.  is that a thing?)

9. as if my taylor swift obsession needed more fuel thrown on the fire…. get it?  the fire at the end?  DO YOU GET IT?  sighhhh.

10. also, i’m including this in case i have any dinner parties anytime soon.  yaaassss.

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