Sunday Sprinkles


 1. I actually can not believe it’s March.  Time is FLYING by.  I don’t know if it’s because of the moving or new york or the new work or just being so happy to be around le boyfrienddd,  but whatever it is.  IT’S FLYING.  

2. I have a new surprise segment for the blog coming on Friday!  Be sure to check back for it (and in between as always for a New York update on Tuesday and a new recipe on Wednesday.)  

3. um, i have mixed feelings about the snow.  on one hand it makes me happy because i can snuggle up on my couch and love my life, and on the other hand i’m like ummmm you’re cold GO AWAY.

4. I feel like I have to comment about “the dress.”  I originally saw gold and white, but over the course of the past few days I’ve noticed that every time I look at it, it changes between white and gold and black and blue.  Apparently other people have seen it change too.  I don’t know, I’ve read all the science articles about it and I know it’s actually black and blue but I do think its interesting that it’s become such a huge deal.

5. YES THISSS.  YESSS. I need #11 in my life, STAT.

6. I need to find a good ice cream scooper and i’m in the market for a container to store homemade ice cream. any suggestions?

7.  | HTGAWM | um.  WHAT EVEN HAPPENED?  I don’t even know.  I’m normally really good at predicting what’s about to happen, it irritates Frankie to no end – because I never keep my ideas to myself.  But this week?  I was getting it all wrong, up until the very end. *cough* rebecca *cough*.  I’ll try to stay away from spoilers up in here but WHATTTTT?!?!?  I was wondering how they were going to go into a new season after we found out who killed Lila (WHICH OMG I WASN’T EXPECTING IT TO BE THAT PERSON).  ugh.  what do i do without it?

8. And for my future TV binge, PUHlease send me recommendations for the best place to get ribs in NY.  

9. I want to make a cute little herb garden.  well not really a garden.  but like, I want to have fresh basil and mint.  and i want it to be super cute and instagram worthy.  yes, yes this is what i want.  do you have to water them daily?  what is the upkeep on basil and mint?  WHAT IS LIFE? 

10. I’m sure I’ve talked about the thug kitchen before and they are exactly who I imagined behind the blog.

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