Monday Things


  1. I AM NOT GOING ON A BLOGGING BREAK.  I was doing so SO well with keeping up with the schedule and it was glorious and… then Frankie moved in and my life turned into a tornado.  The good news is that things are simmering down…. slowly.

2. On that note, I’m trying to put together another update for you this week.  we’ll see how it goes.  no promises, but I’m trying.

3. I’m ALL about this infused water life right now. I’m thinking about buying an infuser.  Thoughts?  

4. I’m cooking from the Thug Kitchen cookbook for our meals this week.  Um. it’s. so. good.  i can’t.  the spiced chick pea wraps with tahini dressing were on point.  

5. HAHAHAHAH. these remind me of the ron swanson ones that I LOVE.

6. UM. I have SO MANY IDEAS.  I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and start throwing them together for you guys.  are you excited?  but I want to know, what do YOU want to see, what do YOU want to learn how to cook?  If there’s something you’re trying to learn up in here let me know and I’ll start brain storming.  (so far I’ve gotten requests for nut free pesto which I’m working on for ya Katie!)

7. | Scandal | um.  i was FAH-REAKING out about jake being dead.  Scott foley you and your tweets totally fooled me… although i’m still not convinced that they’re not luring me into a false sense of security just to kill him at the end of the season or something.  i’m going to have jake paranoia forever.  um. i also totally thought that fitz and mellie were going to get divorced.  i didn’t see it taking that turn at all.  | Secrets and Lies | I HAVEN’T WATCHED.  I HAVEN’T SEEN SPOILERS.  Frankie and i were supposed to watch tonight but then cleaning and making dinner took priority.  wahhhh. TOMORROW.

8. I do have to say, I stopped watching Grey’s back in college. BUT WHAT THE HELL SHONDA.  i’m hurting inside.  

9. I love movie mistakes.  do you ?  i wish i noticed stuff like this, but i’m always too sucked into THE STORY.

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