Monday Things


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1.  Let’s run away together and drink mint iced coffee all day long and have the only care in the world be whether or not you can play with my hair, convince the cabana boy to spike our coffees with booze, and sunbathe on the beach all at the same time.  I don’t want you to say no.  I know you’re saying it, but stop saying it.  In fact stop talking.  In this amazing fantasy vacation of mine no one talks to me.  {side note: I have NO clue why my boyfriend laughs when I tell him he’s not allowed to talk to me on our vacations.}

2.  My childhood best friend is visiting me in Seattle this week.  I can’t contain my excitement.  It’s. Just. So. Exciting!  I’m going to the airport to pick her up today and I can’t wait.  And then my best friends from college are visiting me next week.  It’s kind of my dream come true.  So. Many. Activities!

3.  I sort of went on a cleaning binge because they’re all coming.  Spring cleaning is a thing.  And I fell in love with the Method Grapefruit All-Purpose cleaner that I read about on my friend Lindsay’s blog.  Also, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t restyle my knock-off expedit and desperately want to make a gallery wall

4.  The amount of support I got from making the Pike Place Kitchen Facebook Page was just really amazing.  thank you.  thank YOU.

5.  Will you all judge me if I become a Blake Shelton fan club member so I can get presale tickets when he comes to Tacoma?  Womp womp.  judge away.  it’s happening.

6.  I’m also OBSESSED with the Afterlight photo editing app.  Because you know, Jessica told me she loved it and I’m a blogger’s dream reader who trusts inherently and buys everything fellow bloggers tell me they like.  But really. 

7.  Scandal | I won’t lie, I’ve been bored… Jake seems like he’s the most interesting character to me at the moment.  Poor guy.  I feel for him I do.  I also feel for Mellie.  I loved her finally fighting for what she wants.  Fitz.  oh, Fitz.  I hate you right now and you suck. that is all.  Nashville | Scarlettttttt, wahhhh.  Juliette, I still love you.  Teddy, you can be a jerk but I feel for you.  Gunnar, you are my favoritest of favorites and deserve every dime of the $400,000 [puhleaseeeee, marry me].  Deacon, ily but you’re being the biggest baby of babies.  anddddddd Luke, idk what you’re planning but I know i don’t like it.  New Girl | WHAT THE WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HEY.  YOU CAN’T JUST DO  THINGS LIKE THAT TO ME.  SORRY BUT NO.  Mindy Project | Swooning over everything that is Mindy and Danny.  Dindy?  Minanny? 

8.  However, if I’m being honest with you, the majority of my week was dominated by crappy TV shows that require no thinking and little attention i.e. About a Boy, Brooklyn 99, and Enlisted.  And then there’s Game of Thrones (which is NOT crappy and required ALL of my attention).  I won’t even pretend I didn’t watch power-through three seasons in one week.  I’m a trooper.  I haven’t watched the season 4 premiere yet… no spoilers.  get out. 

9.  For book club this month we read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.  Honestly, I hated the book.  It was depressing and slow and overall I felt a lot of the relationships between some of the characters were unrealistic (ahem, Patrick and Lou…).  Our discussion about the book was definitely interesting, and the general consensus was you either loved it or hated it.  Looking back on it, I liked reading it… but after I analyzed it for the discussion it became apparent that I didn’t enjoy/believe the story.  That being said, the book approached a subject that is very sensitive and generates a lot of argument/debate in an empathetic manner which I appreciated.  It kind of reminded me of when I was younger and loved to read Jodi Picoult.  I haven’t read her in a while but from what I remember I felt her character interaction/development was more realistic than Moyes’. 

10.  I really like glittery/shiney easter eggs.  Thanks target for another thing I needed but didn’t know I needed until I saw it.

11.  I feel like I’m the only human that still hasn’t seen Frozen.  I’ve heard it’s really good and potentially the next Disney Classic.  I’m going to have to grab it from redbox. 



2 comments on “Monday Things”

  1. Thanks for sharing my site! I’m glad you fell in love with Method’s grapefruit cleaner too.. Their stuff is dreamy.. and not too pricey either! I’m sharing a bit more on gallery walls the next few weeks, hoping to pass off my hints for finding the best deals on matted frames. Do you have Micheal’s in Washington? That’s my best hint so far.
    I was obsessed with the Russ filter in Afterlight for a REALLY long time. I mostly edit in VSCO now but every now and then pop over to give Russ a little love!
    I haven’t watched last week’s Scandal yet, I have to get on that! I also LOOOOVE brooklyn nine nine, I laugh outloud the entire time!
    I haven’t seen Frozen yet either, so don’t fret!
    xo L

    1. I loveeeee your site :) and the cleaners have just been wonderful! We have Michael’s out here but not downtown where I live so I pretty much just hope for the best at target or ikea. I’m hoping to see frozen soon so I’ll let you know what I think!!

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