my life as a new yorker: week 2


IMG_1119 1 The majority of my second week in New York has still been spent un-packing.

I don't know if I just have too much crap or if I'm the worst procrastinator on the planet or if there are elves that come out at night and undo all the work I get done, but this seems NEVER ENDING.  I feel like it's going to keep going on FOREVER.  I finally got most of the boxes out of the apartment, which is a huge deal because even if everything doesn't have a place yet it feels a little more “lived in” without all those boxes in my way.  

The hardest part so far, has been trying to make sure I leave Frankie enough space in the closets and everything for when he actually gets here.  I have to be conscious of it or I'll just take over all the space.  oops. 

IMG_1120 1

 Don't worry though, we're living the good life with our skittles machine.  This was a gift I bought for Frankie in college [I think for Christmas?] and it was filled MAYBE twice.  Frankie would get mad because everyone would eat the skittles on him so he didn't fill it out of spite.  

I had the genius idea, while eating “orchards” skittles, to fill it will all different types of skittles and mix them all together so you never really know what you'll get.

It's amazing and I'm basically a genius.  

IMG_1117 1

I know it's weird, but I LOVE the sound of my radiator.  when the steam comes out it's just the most soothing noise ever.  It makes me feel like I'm in one of those rain forrest exhibits in a zoo and it's lovely.  

But I rarely ever actually have the radiator on because the apartment is like a SAUNA.  I don't know what we'll do when it's summer time.  I'm a little bit scared for the blistering heat.

Is filling my bathtub with ice an option?  why am I thinking so far ahead?  I don't know.  I DON'T KNOW.


I started cooking [actual] food!  I've unpacked enough of my kitchen to be able to make my way through a few basic recipes.  The first thing I made?  Just a plain homemade whipped cream recipe.  casual.  NBD.  Frankie had never had whipped cream from scratch!  Ugh it's so easy, but it might warrant a recipe down the line because I LOVED photographing it.

I just HAD to break out my kitchen aid, because… swoon.  I love the baby blueeeeee.  I could just look at it forever.

I made Frankie and I a DIY waffle bar for v-day brunch.  I'm so cute.  


Obviously we couldn't let things STAY cute… and so it quickly became competitive.

Let me lay it all out for you:  HIS LOOKED LIKE COMPLETE CRAP WHEN HE WAS MAKING IT.  I'm talking, he was smushing whipped cream everywhere and we were both giggling because his looked so awful.  and then he threw that weird BLOB of chocolate sauce on the plate like he was trying to be artistic or something and tells me I HAVE to take a picture and post it on facebook and see which ones the rest of the world likes better.  

wouldn't you know, EVERYONE [except two people, thank god] picked his freaking waffles!!!! he was practically crying laughing.  it was ridiculous.  I'm still bitter about it.

Mine are the ones on the right, btw.  


I may or may not have threatened a few times not to let him have any of the dinner I made for us.  Which was a big deal because I made pulled pork, which is possibly his favorite thing that I make.

I was vicious.

IMG_1118 1

We popped a bottle of champagne though and all was well in the world again.  

Oh and we took a quick, casual trip to buy an xbox one.  That's what we got each other for valentines day.  apparently we're really into joint gifts this year, which makes my life slightly easier so I can't complain about it yet.  


I will say, one weird thing that I can't get over about cooking in this apartment is my gas stove anxiety.  I've never had a gas stove before and EVERY time I try to use it I'm convinced the apartment is just going to burst into flames.  Is this a normal thing?  Do others feel this?  

It's starting to become a serious issue because the other morning I tried making bacon and was completely convinced a grease fire would erupt and burn down the building.  not even kidding.

How does one get over this?

IMG_1122 1

I did manage to have the girls night date with my former Florence roommates that I talked about last week and it was DELISH.  

We went to a place called sauce and everything from the bread [with pickled veggies and olive oil] to “the plank” [pictured above] was completely wonderful.  Oh and the wine [I'm pretty sure we were drinking the montepulciano, but don't quote me].  THE WINE WAS GREAT GUYS.  everyone should have a little wine in their lives.  For dinner I ordered the beef bolognese and it was out of this world.  

That's pretty much everything that's happening in my neck of the woods!  Next week I move into actual work in my new office [last week was primarily administrative stuff] so wish me luck & check back tomorrow for a nice warm recipe.

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