Sunday Sprinkles


IMG_6792.JPG 1. Jamboree two weekends ago was as amazing and wonderful as I remembered.  And I now have a woman crush wednesday fo' lyfe: Miranda.  She was AMAZING.  so incredibly good. 

2. Am I the only person in the world who will get a free book from iBooks and not be able to stop reading it no matter how crappy it is?  It's an addiction I think.  Do they have a rehab for this?  Should I go?  WHAT DO I DO??  I just really get my hopes up that maybe, just maybe the author will surprise me with a twist ending that I never saw coming and I'll get giddy and feel bad for bashing the book the entire way through.  Buttttt I'm reading crappy romance novels that always end the same way.  So really I'm just spending my time trying to figure out HOW the author is going to get their characters back together after their big fight.  This point has continued on for way too long, I'm realizing this now.  

3.  Yesterday a guy buzzed my apartment because he found my license on the street and didn't want me to have to spend the money getting a new one.  I thought I had lost it on an airplane but really I just dropped it on the side walk.  SO nice of him.  He didn't want anything in return he just dropped it off and went on his way.  And don't worry about my safety, I didn't let him up… I walked down and grabbed it from him.

4.  I'm FINALLY going to watch divergent this week.  I bought it already (assuming I'm going to like it/it was on sale at target for $20 for the blu-ray/dvd/online version with bonus stuff…. target wins again).

5.  I found out something cool this week that I'm actually REALLY excited about.  I can run a full mile.  I thought I couldn't but turns out I can.  I had always read articles about how all you have to do is slow it down, but I was always like “wahhhhh I can't run a 10 minute mile.”  Turns out if I slow it down to a 13 minute pace I DO have the endurance.  Who would have thought?  Caitlyn will be so proud.  

6.  Mistresses | Blew. my. mind. this. week.  Daniel works for the FBI, WHAT?  WHATTTT?!  That's not a thing.  Also, can Harry and Joss just do it already?  I've literally been waiting since season 1 when I secretly told myself they'd be perfect together but knew it would never happen.  Right about now that's the only show I'm watching “regularly.”  I'm trashing it up by watching all the Kardashians shows/Awkward on netflix/hulu.  But I am going to start making my way through Sons of Anarchy.  Despite my boyfriend whining claiming that I'll never actually watch it (he still resents me for giving up on the vampire diaries/teen wolf).  

7.  My favorite breakfast right now is a little bit of Ellenos greek yogurt whipped with honey + sliced grapes + Bear Naked vanilla almond granola.  I can't even.  Ellenos is located in the Pike Place Market and if you ever stop by you should DEF try some. (yes, they do free samples)  

8.  Also, this week I FINALLY had photos featured on foodgawker and tastespotting!  I haven't been on top of my game with submitting photos (or this blog in general lately) but I'm getting back into a groove and it feels nice. 

9.  Unless you live under a stupid rock (Youtube vid reference), you've seen the ALS ice bucket challenge videos.  My grandma died of ALS when I was 14 and I really don't like to talk about it much because I was really close to her.  She was the most active and full-of-life person I knew and watching her get sick was incredibly traumatic for me.  She couldn't talk, couldn't walk, couldn't feed herself.  My step-grandfather would sit by her and turn pages in a book for her so she could read (she's who I get my love of all things books and writing from).  There's a lot of talk about how it's “not a challenge” or it's not really “doing anything,” but it's doing something for me.  Most people didn't know what ALS was before the challenge started in July.  It's raising awareness.  Even if people aren't donating (which they are, according to the foundations), at least it's in the back of their minds and they know about it now.  So I want to say thank you, to everyone who is giving support.  It means a lot personally.  I appreciate it and I appreciate you.  

10.  On that note, here are some of my favorite challenge videos:  Chris Pratt, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Gates, and Gabby Palko.

11. Also: Disney & Robin Williams.  Did you know they were playing Aladdin this weekend WITHOUT commercials?  I don't have cable so I didn't watch, but I have to say touché Disney.  Class act.

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