July 3, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

This is the sixth, count ’em, sixth time I’ve had What I Ate Wednesday over here.  You should know the drill by now…

I present to thee: What I Ate [Last] Wednesday. Breakfast


My breakfast was pretty similar to last week’s.  The only difference is that I ate the toast and peanut butter separate from the banana.  This is obviously one of my go-to’s  (since you see it on here almost every Wednesday) but it’s just sooo easy and good I can’t feel bad about it. Lunch


Well, if you remember correctly, my dinner last week was a hodge podge of different recipes I had been working on.  My lunch this week ended up just being a portion of the pretzel crusted pork chop (which I SWEAR once I get my act together I will post) and sauteed zucchini, carrots, red onion, with garlic.  It was super yummy.  And I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but my pork chop seems like a small portion because I’m trying to eat more veggies instead of meats/breads.  (Someone please take note that my lunch is practically completely carb free!)

Snack Smores

Afternoon Snacks

My afternoon consisted of me munching on cucumbers that I soaked in vinegar with salt and pepper.  My dad used to do this all the time and I LOVED it.  Apparently its not that easy to recreate his recipe because something was off.  I’m gonna have to ask him what the secret is.  I also tried one of the Luna S’mores bars and it was DELISH.  I think we might have a new contender for my favorite!  Dinner


Dinner this week was a BLT… without the T.  I tried to make my perfect BLT but apparently I can’t follow my own directions and something went wrong… so the bacon didn’t stay in the basket weave.  HOWEVER, I solemly swear I will make as many BLTs as necessary until I figure out what went wrong (as if that’s a chore), and then I’ll update the recipe!  Also, don’t judge on the lack of tomato, I PILED up the lettuce to make up for my omission of that ingredient.   Drinks


 Laura and I found these Redd’s Apple Ales at Target and obviously had to try them.  She wasn’t a fan of them but I was kind of fond of them… have you tried them?  What did you think?!  Then because Jessica posted about these summer shandy floats I decided we needed to make our own.  I still had some leftover lemon sorbet from when my mom was here, so I opted to use that.  NOM.  They were sooooooo good!

Well guys, that’s it for What I Ate Wednesday!  I hope you all have a fun AND SAFE Fourth of July.  I’m starting my Holiday weekend out right by going to a Sounders game with Laura tonight!  You should probably start YOUR weekend by clicking on over to Jenn‘s page to catch up on other What I Ate Wednesdays… and read her proposal story (SO CUTE)!