September 2, 2015

the Whole30 – two weeks in

Whole30 - 2 weeks in! includes: my meal plan, the recipes I used, how I felt, what I did for meal prep and TONS of pictures!

HI HI HI.  I’m coming in hot with the details of Week 2 on the Whole30!  SOOooOoOo exciting.

In Week 1 I told you EVERYTHING you could have ever wanted to know about what a Whole30 is, what the rules are, why I’m doing it, and what I did to prepare for the first week (physically and emotionally <- SO DRAMATIC).  I also listed out EVERY meal Frankie & I ate the first week, where we got the recipes from, and what adaptations we made.  We talked about meal prepping, my experience so far, and all that good jazz.

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September 1, 2015

Homemade Breakfast Sausage

breakfast sausage-10YOU GUYS.  what even is breakfast sausage?  I don’t even know.  well, i do know.  because I MADE THAT ^^^^

and it was WAY better than the sausage links that i grew up on. i can’t even explain.  it’s better than the stupid jimmy dean rolls (i’m SO KIDDING jimmy dean i love you and I still love browning you up and eating you straight in a hot dog bun like a crazy lunatic…. nostalgia)

but THIS is so fresh and delicious and um. you can pronounce every. single. ingredient.  better yet, you’ll have over half the ingredients in your pantry already! read more

August 30, 2015

Sunday Sprinkles

  1. you guyssss i just had the LONGEST prep day of my life.  i seriously was in the kitchen for like 12 hours.  i’m SO tired and my feet are killing me.  do i really have to go to work tomorrow? (say no, say no!)

2.  wait. no one told me the VMAs were on tonight. whaaaaaaatt?  i’m getting all the highlights from buzzfeed because i’m too lazy to move to the living room.  

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August 26, 2015

the Whole30 – one week in

Whole30 Week 1-8 I originally drafted this post to be a day-by-day update but I found it to be WAYYYY too long.  SO.  i’ve decided to give you a daily overview of what we ate, meal-by-meal, and an overview of how the week went for us – i’m going to try and compare it against what the whole30 timeline says you should be feeling.  I’m trying to give as much detail as i can here without overloading you.  This first one will be a little longer because I’m going to go over a lot of the what & how questions you might have.  I’m gonna break this sucker up with a TON of pictures so don’t you worry. read more

August 25, 2015

Nutella Banana French Toast Roll-Ups

Nutella Banana French Toast Roll-Ups! A cute idea for a different spin on breakfast + they're quick and easy to boot!

french toast roll ups-5


Here I ammmmm with your mid- morning almost lunch delicious picture fix directly to your email… if you subscribeeeeeee.  it’s actually really sad to look at these.  they were the breakfast Frankie and I had on the day before starting the whole30. 

WAHHH.  they represent everything good (or bad?) in the world – basically everything I’m not allowed to have right now (except the bananas – a girl’s got some hope right?) read more