November 22, 2015

Sunday Sprinkles



  1. have you guys used audible?  i recently downloaded it for my runs (i listen to audiobooks to help keep myself distracted/help with my pacing) and so far i’m pretty happy with it.  I had a groupon for like three free credits, so we’ll see if i still like it and buy it for myself after that, but i wanted to know your thoughts!
  2. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THANKSGIVING? WHAT ARE YOU MAKING?  I’m thinking about throwing together a thanksgiving round-up for you guys.  would you be interested?
  3. THESE motivational videos are top notch.  i originally found a couple from a new blog i follow lovingontherun and i watched all of them and love them.  i think they even extend past running and make me motivated just in general.  
  4. along the same lines.  i didn’t know nelly personally, but i do know people who did know her and i think her story is really amazing.  RIP.
  5. i used to think that the ikea wine glasses were indestructible… tonight frankie broke our last one out of my set of four.  i made the four of them last three years in seattle… they couldn’t last a year in NYC with frankie… smh
  6. clearly, this wine cheat sheet was not meant for my friends…
  7. ugh. i’m still not caught up on tv. i’m the worst.  we started a hunger games movie marathon this weekend because we need to go see the last one and so we’ve been really focused on that.
  8. i think this is a great post whole30 concept that i need to implement.  also, i’m toying with the idea of completing another one soon… things have gotten a little out of control around here.  would anyone be interested in starting one with me in the next few months?
  9. um. i really wanted to set up christmas decorations this week… i’ve held off… barely.  i just want it all NOW… is wednesday too early?  what are your thoughts?  

November 19, 2015

cran apple {thanksgiving!} jello shots


here’s the good news: it’s not too late to call your host and tell them you’ve changed your mind about what you’re bringing next thursday.

here’s some more good news: these jello shots are sooooo easy.

here’s MORE good news: if this isn’t your thing, next week i’m posting a SUPER easy cranberry sauce that’ll knock your socks off and can totally be made on the fly so i’m not hanging you out to dry here.


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November 15, 2015

Sunday Sprinkles


  1. so like. can i duct tape my fridge now?  but actually.
  2. um. i signed up for two new races within the next three weeks.  am i crazy?  i haven’t been doing ANYTHING since my last race because i was sickkk. wahhhh. ugh.  but i have a 5k in two weeks and another 10k in three.  
  3. are freezer crockpot meals my next new thing?  i hope so.
  4. the people of france and beirut are in my thoughts this week.  i’m glad to know the people i knew who were traveling in france are okay.  i hope anyone you know that might be in either area are okay too.  and for those that are not okay, we’re all thinking of you.
  5. frankie created a new instagram of him just STEALING MY FOOD. its actually really funny and you should follow it.
  6. im still sick.  UGH.  i’m at the end of it though!  i can definitely tell.  this had been coming on for a while so i’m glad i’m finally near the end.  sigh.
  7. TV.  i barely watched any.  my weekend was SO busy.  we watched | scream queens | and i loved it.  still think its highly underrated.  i’m over gigi and im glad nick jonas wants her gone… but WHOS THE OTHER DEVIL.  i watched | quantico | too but i’m not even sure if it was a new episode… was it?  either way, i LOVED it as usual. i was surprised natalie let them go at the end and UM i still LOVE caleb.  swoon.
  8. YES. mainly this is for bianca because she asked for it.
  9. i don’t normally watch football… but weren’t those some pretty awesome games tonight?!  who’d you root for?